22 Miles of Historic Rail · Encircling the City of Atlanta · All Within a Few Miles of Downtown

“It offers a chance for Atlanta to redefine what it is to be a neighbor, to be a community, to be a region, and to share all that it has to offer.”


The Atlanta BeltLine is a Transformational Redevelopment Project for the City of Atlanta, and a Brilliant Idea Come to Life.


The Atlanta BeltLine Defined

Imagine 45 in town neighborhoods connected by a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar, and parks. By 2030, you want have to imagine any longer, as this is when the Atlanta Beltline is projected to be complete. As of 2019, the Atlanta Beltline already consists of five open trails and seven parks that attract throngs of visitors.

The reimagined railroad corridors that formerly encircled Atlanta, are and will bring economic growth and sustainability to the area with modern conveyances and development. There are already over 2,500 affordable workforce homes, constructed all within walking distance, the largest temporary public art exhibition in the south, and an urban farm just to name a few.

The Beginning

Georgia Tech student Ryan Gravel first conceived the Beltline Idea as his master’s thesis. It was bold, daring, and brilliant, and quickly evolved into a grass roots movement. Then the idea exploded. The Atlanta Beltline checks all the boxes to an integrated approach to transportation, land use, greenspace, and sustainable growth.


  • 22 miles of pedestrian friendly rail transit
  • 33 miles of multi-use trails
  • 1300 acres of parks
  • 5600 units of affordable housing
  • 1100 acres brownfields remediated
  • $10-20 billion in economic development
  • 30,000 permanent jobs
  • 48,000 1-year construction jobs
  • Public art
  • Historic Preservation
  • Sustainability


For maps of the complete system, check out these pages: